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Here at Petals our focus is plants,we aim to offer our customers the widest range of high quality,interesting,new,enchanting, and inspiring plants.​The wealth of plant species & varieties we have to choose from is astounding & we try to select the bset UK horticulture has to offer for our customers enjoyment.

Shrubs  we have a comprehensive range of shrubs to suit every taste,size of garden & requirement. Topical shrubs can be found on our beautiful gabion displays whilst the main body of plants in an A-Z format with tempting selections highlighted at the end of each bench.New introductions are being added to our range every year. Large sizes are also available for many of the varieties to achieve that mature look.

Climbers  these glorious, versatile group of plants, are invaluable to every gardener from traditional favourites such as honeysuckles & Jasmines to unusual gems such as Sollya & Billardieria our selection is superb.Clematis play a pivotal role in our climber area including several Raymond Evison introductions 

Roses  we have a collection of all the main types with an emphasis on varieties that offer good disease resistance.Many celebration types are available for that special gift, Mothers Day.Golden Wedding, Silver Anniversary etc.  Peter Beales Classics  a range or Harkness roses are amongst our collection

Cottage Garden Perennials  our perennials occupy perhaps the most stunning area of our plant displays beneath the elegant branches of an imposing  Horse Chestnut tree . Again our range is comprehensive alongside many new introductions &  unusual genus. Epimediums, Hostas, Geraniums, Ligularia, Dicentra, Hellebore, Peony,  Scabiosa, & Helenium are just a few examples.

Alpines  plants are situated alongside our display rock garden showing how this plant group can be used to their full advantage.Awash with colour for many months of the year with Phlox, Aubretia, Pulsatilla, Daphne, Sedums and many more.These are such versatile little plants suited for borders or containers.

Ornamental Trees  a stunning collection of elegant trees each chosen for there specific attributes of beautiful flowers, colourful bark, attractive foliage or seasonal interest.  There are trees to suit every size of garden featuring some that have been "Top worked" for those smallest of spaces.

Conifers  year round colour,shape & form, conifers are extremely versatile perfect for tubs &  containers , attractive specimens  for border situations to essential hedging for privacy and protection. We display our plants in two sections,one for dwarf and small varieties, the other for larger specimens and  suitable  types for hedging.

Soft and Fruit Trees Vegetable Plants we have a great range of fruit which are proven varieties offering good cropping & taste.Special forms are available i.e. fans, step-overs & espaliers on a range of root stocks dwarf, semi dwarf, & vigorous to give you the best choice for your garden. Seasonal vegetable plants are available from early March until the September supplied in convenient starter packs so you can plant successionally throughout the growing season .

Ferns & Grasses fantastic architectural plants whose diversity of form, colour & use is much underestimated. These plant groups offer great opportunities to mix in with other plantings adding shape , as well as a seasonal dimension on  a wide range of soils, sites & aspects .

Bedding Plants a terrific range or plants from early spring right through till the on set of winter, can be found in our impressive glasshouse.Our comprehensive range includes plants for hanging baskets, borders, and containers in colour combinations for every palette.

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Plant of the Month

The "WOW " factor for your        winter garden

Add the "wow factor" to your winter garden with striking plants that look their best right now. Whether you'd like to fill your borders with hardy shrubs covered with fragrant flowers, clad a fence or archway with colour, or plant a small flowering tree to create a focal point, you'll find a great range of seasonal stunners in our plant area this month.
While a coating of frost or snow creates temporary magical moments, unifying our gardens with its icy frosting, the excitement really starts when it melts away to reveal winter displays full of colour, character and charm.
A choice selection of the very hardiest plants put on their best show in the depths of winter, providing a bright outlook from the comfort of your armchair, and an even warmer welcome when you step outside.
Gold blooms really shine out on gloomy days, so look out for dramatic Witch Hazels that produce clusters of small fragrant flowers with petals like dainty ribbons, transforming the otherwise naked stems of this hardy shrub.
Evergreen mahonias are equally impressive, with golden sprays of flowers forming at the tip of each shoot. There are several varieties to choose from with different sizes and forms,  flowers on most are followed by the formation of grape-like berries in spring, giving these shrubs their common name of Oregon Grape.
At the Chelsea Flower Show in 2013 the RHS chose Mahonia ‘Soft Caress' as its Plant of the Year, so if you're looking for something different check out this variety too.

In addition to their welcome colour, fragrance is another valuable characteristic of many winter flowering shrubs. For long-lasting displays it's hard to beat varieties of Viburnum x bodnantense that produce a succession of flowers from October until spring.
And for a shady site take a look at the Christmas Rose, Helleborus niger, a low-growing and compact perennial whose simple white cup-shaped flowers can be picked and floated on water in a glass bowl to provide seasonal table decorations.
 Also look out for plants with colourful wand-like stems, dainty tassel-like catkins, and the tactile barks of many ornamental trees.
So don't shut-up shop for winter, but welcome in the New Year in style with garden displays that provide colour, fragrance, foliage and form. 

Top tips for extra Winter colour
1. Choose your planting sites carefully. Ensure new plants are positioned in full view from a window or prime position by patio doors so you can enjoy them every time you look outside on dull days.
2. Add winter colour to your front garden to welcome you home and cheer-up your local neighbourhood.
3. Fill patio pots and baskets with hardy winter bedding plants, like pansies and violas with cheerful faces in a kaleidoscope of colours.
4. Cover the ground under trees or shrubs with a carpet of Winter Aconites (Eranthis hyemalis). Get ready to buy snowdrops too!
5. Plant clumps of winter flowering Iris  to brighten a dry, sunny spot at the base of a wall or fence, and use blooms as cut flowers to bring indoors.

Create striking winter displays by choosing some of the following for your planting combinations:
Aucuba varieties
Clematis cirrhosa and its variety ‘Freckles'
Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas)
Coronilla ‘Citrina'
Daphne ‘odora'.
Dogwoods (Cornus varieties)

Edgeworthia chrysantha
Elaeagnus varieties
Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof'
Rosebud Cherry (Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis')
Skimmia varieties
Sweet box (Sarcococca)
Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum)
Wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox)

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